New blog, new name

My new blog for 2007 is entitled Heavenly Halos and the link is:


Axe falls on A’s Mgr. Macha

Wow, what does it take to keep a job in Oakland. The man averages 92 wins and is fired after leading the team to the championship series. Unbelievable.
I never want this team to win, but I really want them to tank now. The upper management just doesn’t know how to treat their hard-working employees. This manager did more with less than just about anyone.


Twins need to come back

Given my hubby’s Minnesota roots, I am cheering for them in the series against the hated A’s. I didn’t see the game but I noticed in the scoreboard that they had two errors in their 3-2 loss today. The Twins will have to clean up their game if they want to beat this team. The A’s are incredibly opportunistic, if you give them an opening they will take advantage. That is what worked for them all season. We’ll see what happens next.
The other AL series isn’t looking good for the team I’m rooting for– Detroit is losing badly to the dreaded Yankees. But it is only the 5th inning, so there is time for them to come back. It is 5-1 at this point.
We’ll have to check in later.

Salute to the King Fish!

It has literally taken me a day to get over the last goodbye. Tim Salmon’s last game is now just a memory, but it was a tremendous day. The Angels really know how to send a guy into retirement in style– there were so many special touches that made it magical and so fitting a tribute to a career Angel like Salmon.
The field was sculpted with the Angels’ logo and Salmon’s name and number. His wife and family threw the ceremonial first pitch. Salmon received it with the help of a couple of his kids. Throughout the game there were moving tributes to him covering his entire career and highlights as well as his vast philanthropic efforts in the community.

Ph_121640I will admit to being extremely emotional and a bit nostalgic. I was in tears– the tributes were lovely and so true. Tim Salmon is an amazing human being who happens to be a darn good ball player. He has so graciously given to the fans and always appreciated what has been given to him. He set a precedence in the club by refusing arbitration and remaining with the club. Teammates Darin Erstad and Garret Anderson followed suit. He was a quiet leader. He led by example. Kids today need to look up to more players like him.

Tim is retiring and returning to his home in Scottsdale, Arizona. His children and wife are going to be his focus and that is a good thing for them. I will miss him, but I hope that he’ll stay in touch with the people of southern California.

Last gasps in an inconsistent season

Well, the boys pulled out another win against the underpaid, hard-working Oakland A’s. It staved off the inevitable, a playoff-less off season. The A’s need just one more win to clinch the Division title.
One good thing that came of it, is the gutty performances by several rookies. Jered Weaver showed some great stuff and we can look for him to be a solid performer for many years to come. Howie Kendrick is someone to watch as is the fabulous Mike Napoli. Napoli was quite a presence behind the plate and will settle down as a hitter.

Juan Rivera has proven to be a solid asset to the team and we’ll have to wait and see if the Angels can find a permanent position for him. Speaking of permanent positions, the team must solidify their position players. There are too many unknowns. We are not solid at 3rd or 1st and the outfield has been scheduled according to who is or is not injured. The incredible, hard-working Darin Erstad has been plagued by injury all season and with that we lost more than a golden glove fielder (first to earn this honor in both the infield and outfield); we lost a team leader on the field and the clubhouse.

According to reports in the newspaper, look for the Angels to get a powerful bat in the offseason. At this point I don’t care who it is, although I hope it isn’t a trouble-maker (if you have questions about that comment think back to Jose Guillen).

My unsolicited advice is that the Angels should settle the lineup and be consistent. This season, their downfall has been the inconsistency. Some of it, due to injuries… In any case, the management needs to make some tough decisions or we’ll have another year like this one. This season was fraught with errors– the highest in the entire American League.

Tomorrow is another day, the Angels have one more- they’re day-to-day, but look for the A’s to go deep into the playoffs.

Give the kid his props

Jered Weaver had a great run! Big congratulations to the kid. Little Weav ran into Big Papi and came out the loser (although he dropped his ERA a few points).
The loss gave the Sox the series. The Angels are now 5.5 games behind the A’s.

Big keys in upcoming days will be for the Angels to leave fewer runners on base. In recent games they’ve left them in double digits. Too many to win.

Back to the kid, Weaver, who was called up on May 26 to sub in for the chronically injured Bartolo Colon. He cranked out 4 wins in 4 starts. In all 13 of his starts for the Angels, Weaver has been mature beyond his years.

Even the Sox leadership was impressed with Weaver, “The obvious things you see with the deception and the delivery, but he also has got enough on his fastball and a real good breaking ball and he commands, for a young kid, he commands very well.”

Looking ahead–
The Angels face the hated New York Yankees tonight. John Lackey will be on the mound. I’m hoping for a strong night from him. He’s struggled lately, but that’s baseball. There’s lots of ups and downs.