Last gasps in an inconsistent season

Well, the boys pulled out another win against the underpaid, hard-working Oakland A’s. It staved off the inevitable, a playoff-less off season. The A’s need just one more win to clinch the Division title.
One good thing that came of it, is the gutty performances by several rookies. Jered Weaver showed some great stuff and we can look for him to be a solid performer for many years to come. Howie Kendrick is someone to watch as is the fabulous Mike Napoli. Napoli was quite a presence behind the plate and will settle down as a hitter.

Juan Rivera has proven to be a solid asset to the team and we’ll have to wait and see if the Angels can find a permanent position for him. Speaking of permanent positions, the team must solidify their position players. There are too many unknowns. We are not solid at 3rd or 1st and the outfield has been scheduled according to who is or is not injured. The incredible, hard-working Darin Erstad has been plagued by injury all season and with that we lost more than a golden glove fielder (first to earn this honor in both the infield and outfield); we lost a team leader on the field and the clubhouse.

According to reports in the newspaper, look for the Angels to get a powerful bat in the offseason. At this point I don’t care who it is, although I hope it isn’t a trouble-maker (if you have questions about that comment think back to Jose Guillen).

My unsolicited advice is that the Angels should settle the lineup and be consistent. This season, their downfall has been the inconsistency. Some of it, due to injuries… In any case, the management needs to make some tough decisions or we’ll have another year like this one. This season was fraught with errors– the highest in the entire American League.

Tomorrow is another day, the Angels have one more- they’re day-to-day, but look for the A’s to go deep into the playoffs.




    Glad to see you back. If we can just hang on until Thursday, then anything can happen. I hope the Angels decide to play Tim Salmon for the last 7 games. No one deserves playing time more then the “KING FISH”. I’m sure all true Angel fans would rather see Salmon go down swinging then sitting on the bench.

  2. Joy

    It has been a crazy month– so busy with some higher purpose activities and work starting up after summer off that I barely could keep up day-to-day wins/losses. Lucky to know what day it was as times…
    I am with you, I hope they play Tim Salmon- he deserves to say goodbye to the Angel fans that have loved him all these years.

    I have to say I really hope that he doesn’t go somewhere else, that would be so sad. He could enjoy a great second career as a coach– he has a great temperament and experience that can really have an impact on players coming up.


    While not completely out of it at this time (Tuesday 1 PM), it’s close. Still hope springs eternal as it could happen!

    I don’t think the A’s will go deep into the Playoffs… just pitch them strikes and you take away half their offense, secondly…they have no momentum at this time… and I hope they don’t get any against the Angels… it still is in the Angels hands if the M’s can just win one of these last two… and Angels send the Rangers packing… lots of ifs.

    Kingfish must play!

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