Salute to the King Fish!

It has literally taken me a day to get over the last goodbye. Tim Salmon’s last game is now just a memory, but it was a tremendous day. The Angels really know how to send a guy into retirement in style– there were so many special touches that made it magical and so fitting a tribute to a career Angel like Salmon.
The field was sculpted with the Angels’ logo and Salmon’s name and number. His wife and family threw the ceremonial first pitch. Salmon received it with the help of a couple of his kids. Throughout the game there were moving tributes to him covering his entire career and highlights as well as his vast philanthropic efforts in the community.

Ph_121640I will admit to being extremely emotional and a bit nostalgic. I was in tears– the tributes were lovely and so true. Tim Salmon is an amazing human being who happens to be a darn good ball player. He has so graciously given to the fans and always appreciated what has been given to him. He set a precedence in the club by refusing arbitration and remaining with the club. Teammates Darin Erstad and Garret Anderson followed suit. He was a quiet leader. He led by example. Kids today need to look up to more players like him.

Tim is retiring and returning to his home in Scottsdale, Arizona. His children and wife are going to be his focus and that is a good thing for them. I will miss him, but I hope that he’ll stay in touch with the people of southern California.


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