About angelmania

After living half my life in a baseball
wasteland, Oregon, I moved to Southern California and found
myself in Orange County next to Angel Stadium. It was love at
first sight. Soon, my daughter then 3 years old and I were
regulars at the stadium. We worshipped our new team and found
a passion that we shared well into her teens. She is now 15
and goes to games for the food and people watching. In my
time away from the ballpark, I am a school librarian after
spending 15 years as a freshman English teacher. I love my
job and the kids– it is a perfect fit. I love books, kids
and helping people. What could be better than that! I am
married to a great man, Todd, who tolerates my obsession with
this team. He has been by my side through the trials and
tribulations of my favorite team. He has resigned himself to
spending a ridiculous amount of money for playoff tickets in
order to make me happy. We have three girls between us with
one graduating this year from high school and two freshman.
To say we’re busy is a serious understatement. ; ) Thanks for
reading my ramblings and I hope you’ll write up your comments
and have fun with me!


I love sports (particularly baseball) and
tennis. Not surprisingly I love books- favorite authors
include Janet Evanovich (for pure fun), Jonathan Kellerman,
Perri O’Shaunessy, Kathy Reichs and Patricia Cornwall for
mystery. I enjoy movies especially comedies (Caddyshack,
Airplane!, Something About Mary, and Rat Race) as well as
adventures (Indiana Jones). I like a good documentary
(Rumspringa was excellent) and some foreign films. I love
tropical vacations for scuba diving. Favorite dive spot: the
cathedrals off Kauai.