UGLY, But it’s a win

Well, we survived that one! Let’s just say I’ve been to better games, many better games– but a win is a win!
The Angels had 14 hits and won 9-7 ( 1 fewer run than we needed -costing us free wings at ******* thank you very much).

The real story was that John Lackey was not sharp at all. Despite striking out 7 Mariners, he was knocked out in the 5th after more than 100 pitches and giving up 5 runs in the 5th inning to blow a 4 run lead.

Fortunately, Napoli hit a 2-out go ahead single in the 6th to help the Angels emerge victorious and stay 4.5 games back of Oakland. (Oakland smoked KC on George Brett Bobble Head night…)

The best hit of the night was Maicer Izturis’ solo homer that broke the game open and set up a potential 4 game sweep of the hapless Mariners. Izturis was the hot hitter– he had 3 extra base hits in addition to the HR. Great night for him.

Rivera also stole a nice floater that went foul from a Mariners fan in left field. Napoli was a hot hitter tonight as well.

This was Jarrod Washburn’s first loss facing the Angels. He allowed six runs, five earned, giving up 7 hits over 5 2/3 innings.

The halos are sending Ervin Santana (12-6, 4.36 ERA) to the mound to face the Mariner’s Wood (3-1, 4.11 ERA). Hopefully they’ll combine strong pitching with solid fielding (like lets have less than 4 errors please- tonight was ridiculous).



Friends take the mound

John Lackey faces old friend/former roommate Jared Washburn tonight at Angel Stadium.
Lackey, July’s AL Pitcher of the Month, will need to be sharp to beat the Mariners. He’s been a little erratic lately, but I’m looking for him to be rock solid tonight!

Washburn is struggling with a 6-11 record and above 4.30 ERA. Lackey hasn’t had the success he had last year, but has pitched well and gotten some no-decisions. He’s 10-9 and has 3.35 ERA.

Look for the Angels to be hitting and have a good night– I’ll be at the game and will report on it later tonight!

WOO HOO !!! Go Halos!

Missing the fireworks

It appears that my timing is horrible.  I have been out of town on a school retreat/camp and missed all the fireworks between the Halos and Rangers!  Wow.

I don’t quite know what to say, but I certainly understand the need to protect your hitters when people are throwing beanballs. 

Vicente Padilla has to have better control– hitting two Angels hitters and nearly hitting a third is not accidental.

Lets just hope that the suspensions aren’t too deep.  We’ll need these guys in the stretch if we’re going to contend.

Dodging bullets in NYC – then we were hit


Wow, the Halos dodged a major barrage with Giambi’s snafu in the bottom of the 2nd. The Yanks started off solidly with a ground rule double by Jason Giambi, A-Rod grounds out, then Lackey walks Robinson Cano. So, with one out Jorge Posada nails a shot to Center Fiels and Giambi (in a crazy moment) fancied himself a Chone Figgins and bypassed the obvious stop sign by the 3rd base coach to get tagged out easily at home. Lackey struck out Wilson to end the inning.

Umpf– that’s us slumping to the ground after being hit by the Yanks.  They pounded us.  Glad that one ended.

Preview of tonight’s game

The Angels are taking on the New York Yankees to finish out their 4 game series (in just a few minutes). The Halos are hitting and playing well right now.
The Yanks are sending Randy Johnson to the mound with his 5.03 ERA and unpredictable performance issues. The once formidable Johnson can be mind-blowingly good or incredibly bad. Which Johnson will show up? The Angels are hitting and mistakes by a pitcher will certainly be capitalized upon if the Halos play as they have of late.

The Angels have the solid, strong John Lackey on the mound tonight. He has a 3.33 ERA and has won 10 games with 8 losses this season. He went 14-5 last season so he’s on pace to push past that.

Go Halos!!

Angels rollin’ along!

The boys are playing well these days. Woo hoo! Jered Weaver got his 8th win which is just phenomenal for a rookie, I believe Fernando Valenzuela was the last rookie to accomplish this feat!
I listened on XM radio and it really sounds like some of our guys really had some great defensive plays and were doing plenty of hitting.

Very timely and I am certainly hoping that they can continue this action for the rest of this series and the upcoming Texas series.

Go Halos!